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Talking to your healthcare team about brain preservation

When you’re living with multiple sclerosis (MS), some of the most important relationships you have are with the healthcare professionals you’ve partnered with. Together, you make critical decisions about your health and your future. Talking about brain preservation is a key part of those conversations. At your next visit, you may want to discuss some of the things you’ve learned about MS and the brain. Below are some questions you can ask.

About brain preservation:

  1. What lifestyle choices can I make to help preserve my brain and its function?
  2. What can I do about other chronic conditions that may be influencing my MS?
  3. What changes to my lifestyle can I make to help maintain my neurological reserve?

Other brain-focused topics:

  1. How are my lesions affecting my MS?
  2. What can lesions in grey matter tell me about my MS?
  3. What type of lesion activity does my MRI show, and are my lesions changing over time?
  4. How often should I get an MRI?
  5. How do changes in the volume of my brain occur, and why?
  6. Can you review my MRI with me to help me better understand it?
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