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Shift your focus up to A New View of MS

The MS MindShift presents:
A New View of MS

Bristol Myers Squibb and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) have launched the MS MindShift: A New View of MS initiative to educate multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and their families on the critical role the brain plays in MS, and what you can do to help keep your brain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Take a look at the MS MindShift:
A New View of MS in action!

To help bring this new perspective on MS directly to the community, the MS MindShift: A New View of MS initiative kicked off just ahead of World MS Day with an educational event in the NYC area followed by additional events held in select cities. Events featured the MS MindShift “Brain Bulb” hot air balloon as a way to literally elevate the importance of having a “brain first” perspective in MS.

Attendees at the events were given the opportunity to learn more about the initiative first hand, see the Brain Bulb balloon up close, and take a lift in the tethered hot air balloon while gaining a new perspective on MS. Check out the photo reel below for shots from some of the events!

Elevating the mind-body conversation

Let’s talk about
MS and the brain

When your brain is healthy, the sky’s the limit. But MS disrupts the communication between the brain and the body and it’s this disruption that’s behind many of the symptoms you feel in your body.

Just as keeping our balloon in good condition keeps it soaring above the ground, shifting your focus up toward brain preservation today could change how you live with MS tomorrow.